Standing Out In A Chosen Career Route

This is a guest post by Hannah Nyarko.

Career goals are fostered through goals that an individual set to get them to any height in a chosen career path. It helps one to comprehend that in years to come, they won’t be stucked in a rut repeating the same pattern and going around a particular circle without any progress.

To progress in your career, you need a mentor who can help you recognize your skills and teach you the process of things you would need to do in other to succeed in that chosen career path. 

For example:

  • Help you identify areas of improvement.

  • Teach you how to set out prioritized goals.

  • Teach you what to do to maintain the right network.

  • Encourage you to acquire more skills in a chosen career path (taking courses, mastering online tools and volunteering to help out and work in areas that will advance your career or skills).

Conclusively for one to succeed in a particular career path, the individual must be willing to learn, serve, acquire more skills and also be a good team player. With all that is stated above, when observed correctly and accordingly any career would and can be achieve by any individual.

*Over 60% of young individuals in Nigeria between age 15 – 23 are unsure of their future and how to advance into the World of Work.

To this end, Gradrange seeks to bridge the gap between the classroom and the rapidly changing labour market by educating young individuals about the culture, opportunities, challenges, and future for employment in various fields.*

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