Embarking On A Career Productivity Journey

This is a guest post by Lasisi Oluwadunsin David.

To begin with, what do we mean by the word career? Generally, many people believe career to be what we do in order to earn a living and make ends meet-This is what most people think that career, job, business and the others only have to do with. But as at now, it is of profitable importance to note that the definition of "career" has gone to greater extent beyond just making money. The word "career" now is termed a "lifetime exercise".

Many a times, we even hear people say "life career".               

Career is termed as an already given talent embedded in individuals, which we study to know more about, nature to remain a part of our lives and manipulate just so to fit perfectly into any form of financial and economic situation. Looking at this definition, I believe it to have touched every spheres of what career could mean. That aside, let's move down to the main discussion; " Leadership and followership" .      

Leadership simply put, is the process of directing, managing, controlling, informing, leading, and supervising a particular set of individuals who have been committed into your hands.

Followership on the other hand is the direct opposite; it is the process of abiding and living by the orders and instructions of a leader willingly. The reason I put the word "willingly" is because so long the followers are willingly obeying and following the rules of their leader, then there will be positive result. But when reverse is the case, there will be no room for correction, there will be fighting, there is possibilities of there being two leader which can never work, thereby yielding negative and watery results.       

The main point of all these is to ask a single question "What exactly does leadership and followership have to do with career growth and business productivity? This happens to be a question that many people have answered, but has still remain unanswered.

Today, I'll try my possible best to give a most preferred and most satisfiable answer to this question.            

For there to be a leader, there must be a follower and for there to be a follower, there must be a leader. If you are with me on this, then you will agree that the first statement is the most important. Before you can be a leader, then you must have been led by one. You must have been a follower before. This is the most crucial area of business and career some career personalities fail to understand. Once they have discovered that talent, once they have found that job, they just want to rise immediately. They want to be successful immediately forgetting the fact that even "gold" that happens to be one of the most precious jewel passed through fire before attaining its beauty and fame. Now, let's look at some ways in which leadership and team work helps attain career growth, development and productivity.      

Leadership and team work will help to popularize the eligibility of a particular business setting. Thus, drawing customers and client from all over the world.    "United we stand, divided we fall". When there is team work, the business will surely stand tall among others.  When the spirit of leadership and teamwork is present in an organization, there will be room for corrections if at all there comes any mistakes. Also, there will be increased level of productivity in such business.   

There are many other ways in which one can ensure career growth and productivity among which are as follows:    

  1. Discover that gift: This is the most important.          
  2. Nurture it until you are satisfied.             
  3. Set the goals that suit your plans.                
  4. Make quality moves to ensure that you achieve those goals.                  
  5. Avoid intimidation from other businesses.         
  6. Disown the words of others except if they are words of advice.               
  7. Dont take criticism as insults, rather, see them as throw stones to success.            

Lastly and most importantly, give it all you've got, do what you must see to it that you must achieve your goals by all means.

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To this end, Gradrange seeks to bridge the gap between the classroom and the rapidly changing labour market by educating young individuals about the culture, opportunities, challenges, and future for employment in various fields.*

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