Making Progress with your Career Decisions

This is a guest post by Clinton Onuoha.

So, hey you just started working or you’ve been working for a long period of time, and you want to make progress in your field of work, I have a couple of tips to help you achieve this growth.

There are a lot of tips I could offer but I have streamlined it into 3 major categories:

  • desire

  • commitment

  • keep learning and searching

“Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything” –Napoleon Hill

Before growth can happen, there has to be a desire to actually grow. 

Making progress in your career cannot happen if you are content in the level you are currently in (except you’re the CEO of course  )

You must fuel your desire to grow at all times using mediums such as books, social media, music and even the people you hang around.

American football coach, Vince Lombardi once said “most people fail, not because of a lack of desire, but because of a lack of commitment”

So having established that desire to grow, the next thing is to be committed to it. You should probably draft short- and long-term goals and work towards achieving them (having consequences for failing to complete those goals might be a good enough motivation).

So, you have the desire and you’re committed to growing but it still doesn’t seem to be working out, you just must keep learning and searching.

It is important to know that not every aspect of growth is pleasing. For instance, a human being growing older can develop bad eyesight. With this in mind, you can expect some setbacks but do not let it hinder you from moving forward. 

You have to be intentional about how you want to grow and in what areas you want to grow, a good way to do this is by setting targets or goals to achieve within a specific realistic time frame. You need to first envision where you see yourself in the future before you can actually get there. Your dream career or dream job will not happen by chance, so you need to make a conscious effort to strive to see your dream become reality.

 Human wants are insatiable, and you might be wondering what happens next after you’ve achieved your dream? Do you take off your socks, kickback and relax? No! There’s good and there’s better and you can always be better.  

As long as you continue to improve and grow, so do your targets/dreams grow. Remember the caterpillar is not attractive until it becomes a butterfly.

You might go on to find out that your chosen career field isn’t what you desire anymore or it isn’t fulfilling again and that is why you must keep learning and searching because as Benjamin Franklin said, “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started” –Mark Twain 

So, if you would like to get to the top in whatever field you are in, you would want to practice these 3 tips.

Feel free to share other tips you might know. 

*Over 60% of young individuals in Nigeria between age 15 – 23 are unsure of their future and how to advance into the World of Work.

To this end, Gradrange seeks to bridge the gap between the classroom and the rapidly changing labour market by educating young individuals about the culture, opportunities, challenges, and future for employment in various fields.*

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