Don't we all Need Balance?

This is a guest post by Chinonye Egwele.

In the quest to achieve more in our careers we tend to neglect ourselves and our needs. Work life balance is important in order to live a fulfilled life. 

Simply put, Work-Life Balance is fulfillment in each of the four quadrants of life: jobs, family, friends, and self. A shift in this would lead to an imbalance and this imbalance could lead to chronic stress and sometimes burnout in our work place. 

A stressed employee is a unproductive employee. Stress affects us and those around us. 

To help keep this balance, here are a few tips to help:

  • Keep a positive attitude 
  • Make conscious effort to take care of yourself 
  • Practice time management 
  • Learn to say NO: if a request will stress you, decline!
  • Reward yourself for accomplishments 
  • Keep in touch with family and friends 
  • Live in the moment 
  • Eat healthy 
  • Exercise regularly 

Always remember that all work and no play makes Jack dull and If anything happens to you, life goes on. 

Would you be practicing any of these tips?

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