Are you a Job seeker? Here are 10 effective Strategies in finding a Job

This is a guest post by Rita Echere

      A good job search is key to getting the job you want Looking for a new job is tough and can take up unsustainable amounts of time and energy if it is not properly managed and directed.

 Job search has evolved tremendously Earlier, job searching was done just to find suitable jobs .But now, it is more  than finding a job and getting a call for the interview.

    The job search market has become more competitive and intricate than ever in scenario, successful job seekers are employing various job search strategies to stand out of the crowd and find an appropriate job for themselves. Mastering the process of searching and applying for jobs can help you, here are some tips which can help you in finding your preferred jobs

Stand out from the crowd

    The job market is crowded and one of the most important job search strategies you can use it to make sure that you stand out from the crowd and show the recruitment manager that you are a candidate who definitely should be selected for an interview.

Be specific with your search

     When I mean be specific with your search I mean search for the right jobs, search for the jobs that matches your qualification and job specification even your location. In order to achieve this, use the job search engines to find jobs by using keywords that matches your interest and location

Update or customise your Resume and Cover letters

       Update you cover letter and resume for very role you apply for, evaluate how your qualification and certifications will fit each role and tailor each resume to highlight your accomplishments and relevant experiences. Include the keywords from the job description for the position.

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**Create a Job Profile on Professional Networking Sites  **

      To achieve your goal of getting a better job create a job profile on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, Jobber man and other professional Apps which enable you to use your name for the URL, if possible. When prospective employers search for you online, Those profiles typically rank high so you will provide recruiters, employers and contacts with a strong positive  professional impression of you as a candidate they should be interested in.

Apply where Companies are hiring and attend career events

     Make sure you apply where companies are hiring so it can be easy for employers to locate you. Do you research in advance and find out which organisations will be attending their job fair, identify the companies you are mostly interestly in working for and research to learn more about them.

**Work on your Networking Strategies **

          Work on your ability to network. I must say if you lack an efficient Networking strategies, then you are surely loosing job opportunities, because networking is still an effective job  search strategy that works great for most people building a strong network would seem tough but trust me once you start with it things become smooth and streamlined. Connect with all possible professionals around you as you never know which would be helpful to you for preferred job besides physical network you can join social media networking such as linked in groups and other similar websites, so that you can get the attention of more people.

Learn New Skills/Working on growth plan

   In other to work on your growth plan it is required for you a job seeker to learn new skills whether online or physically to enable you to get your preferred job  or a better job .And also you also look for temporary jobs rather than sitting at home this will help you to utilize your available time in the best way Such jobs are great to develop new experiences learn new skills and also make some money, also if you get a job in a reputed organisation then you can even add it to your resume                

**Make sure you have a good online records/ reputation **

      If you want a reputable job, then having professional visibility online is very important particularly on websites like Linked in and twitter .hence always share relevant and important information online related to your industry and field sharing positive information about your industry will help you build a strong reputation online, which is a great way to attract employers looking for suitable applicants online so if there is any content online that reflects poor or negatives about you, then you must delete it or remove it 

**Keep careful records of your job search activity **

Maintain a detailed record of what you have done in your job search including applications made, resumes sent, interviews attended and any leads you have managed to pick up along the way , this would help you stay on top of your job search strategy and to follow up when appropriate

Set your goals and be persistent and stay positive

   The process of searching for an appropriate is avoidance and occurs in everyone’s life so be persistent and be positive of cause there would be difficult times when you would feel discouraged .but make sure you keep one thing in mind that everyone has gone through this phase sooner or later you would be able to find your dream job**.**

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