How to get a Job Fast in Lagos, Nigeria

This is a guest post by Ajibola Olabiyi.

According to World Population Review in 2020, Lagos is the most populated city in Nigeria and the whole of Africa, thus securing a job has become a herculean task for many job seekers living and planning to move to Lagos. Here are strategies to help you stand out in the pool of thousands of jobseekers. 

1. Develop new skills: Employers of today have gone past the era of just selecting their ideal candidates based solely on school grades. This is because there are unique skills, they look out for in candidates that are needed for various positions. Hard skills like Coding, Cloud Computing, UX design, Data Analysis, Sales and Digital marketing. Having one or more of these hard skills will make you an ideal candidate any company would want to hire. 

2. Write a Good Resume and Cover Letter: If you are among those that send resumes without adding a good cover letter that is customized to link your qualifications and experience to fit the job descriptions, then you are in for a long ride in the crowded job market. When your resume and cover letter is targeted at the job criteria, it will give the hiring manager the chance to see at a glance how you are qualified for the job and these increases your chances. 

3. Develop/Use your connection: Often times, getting a job in Lagos boils down to who you know! So, now is the time to rekindle that lost relationship, reconnect with that long-lost Uncle or Friend, this is important because some of your contacts may know an employer who wants to hire. If you have an excellent relationship with them, they may put in a good word for you and help you land your dream job. 

4. Start from the bottom: Ouch! I pulled a cord. Don't be too big to start from the bottom, with dedication and determination you can work your way up and at the same time develop valuable skills that will be relevant in your future job search. 

5. Volunteer: Although volunteering is not a common practice among job seekers in Nigeria because of its cost implications. It is a great way to work for your dream company/organization if you can afford to. You can apply to work for a company where you can gain work experience relevant to your qualifications without financial reward. So, it's a win-win for both you and the company, they got free labor while you get the opportunity to practice your skills and develop new skills, connection and a sense of purpose. 

In conclusion, securing a job fast in Lagos is not for the faint hearted but the determined and intentional job seekers. Following these guidelines pro-actively will increase your chances of getting hired. 

*Over 60% of young individuals in Nigeria between age 15 – 23 are unsure of their future and how to advance into the World of Work.

To this end, Gradrange seeks to bridge the gap between the classroom and the rapidly changing labour market by educating young individuals about the culture, opportunities, challenges, and future for employment in various fields.*

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