Steps To Creating An Online Portfolio

This is a guest post by Leonie Chisom.

Having an online portfolio is very important for every creative or professional job-seeker.It shows potential clients or employers your dedication to your craft and your skills in past projects.It also lets them know how experienced you are in your field.

Your online portfolio is an excellent way to express yourself and air your views.

        So, do you want to know how you can create the perfect online portfolio? Keep reading........

Pick A Platform.

There are lots of tools and websites that can help you create an amazing portfolio.You just have to pick the one that suites you.The one with the features you need to express yourself.

Once you're done with that,you can make plans for the structure of your portfolio.


Build The Structure.

This is the next step you should take after picking a favorable platform.An ideal structure should contain a brief introduction of yourself and the service you render,followed by your portfolio, terms of employment and your contact information so those interested can contact you.


Be Brief.

It's best you keep information concerning you and your services brief and let your portfolio do the talking.

You don't want to bore your potential clients or employers,do you?


Show Only Your Best Works.

When selecting projects for your portfolio, I advise that you select only your best works since your portfolio is meant to drive traffic to your page and drive people to contact you.Pick only the works you are super confident and proud of.


Make It Attractive.

If you don't want your potential clients or employers to get bored then you should make your portfolio attractive and captivating.Spice it up,give them something different but simple.

     Okay creatives, go put up your portfolio online now!

Good luck!

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