Get Digital || The New Age Slogan

This is a guest post by Isreal Femi.

Improving on Digital Skills has been the anthem of so many people in the world we live in today. But as much as the emphasis on the importance of improving your digital skills as been laid and discussed so many times, it is also of a truth that a lot of people get overwhelmed by the tasks involved in achieving that. I would like to share my little experience on how I was able to improve my digital skills and the ABC of achieving it with little efforts.

I am Israel Femi, a successful Graphics Designer and a Creative Director; I was privileged to grow up amidst the old aged folks who have little or no idea about Digital. But I was able to know little about the word Digital when I entered the University, where we were told in class by one of our lecturers during my 100 level days that “It’s either you study my course online or you fail my course”. Hearing that statement, I was perplexed and was looking in amazement. Others were just smiling while I was still recovering from the shock and my head was thinking “didn’t you guys hear what this man just said or why are you smiling?” To cut it short, this moved me to force my parent to get me a laptop, which I started learning how to use, thanks to a friend who was putting me through the nitty-gritty of how to surf the internet, then the narrative started changing.

Now enough about me! Getting Digital can be daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Just think of it as a trend you need flow with, like a saying goes thus “the trend is your friend”.  Almost everything around the world today has gone digital, even our thinking. Now it doesn’t mean you need to go in search of a digital skill to get digital, it simply means to leverage on the trend and make your skill (no matter the skill) digital. And the simplest way to put it is let your skills get more amplified by putting it on the internet. 

It would have being a sad case for me during my 100 level days if I was not flexible enough able to jump on the trend and flow with it. But the good thing about it is that the longer you spend doing that, the more digital you get and the more relevant you become in the Digital world.

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